Terms and Conditions


These General Conditions of Use ("T & Cs"), subject to French law, are intended to govern the use of the CANASTA.COM online gaming platform (hereinafter "The online game" or "online game ") Published by the company Game Publishing SAS (Société par actions simplifiée), located 3 qua le clos de Durand, 06330 ROQUEFORT LES PINS (also called" Game Publishing SAS "or" We "below). Registration for the online game in accordance with the terms set out below constitutes your express and unreserved acceptance of the T & Cs. Any modification of the T & Cs will be the subject of a special mention on the site www.CANASTA.COM


ARTICLE 1: General description of the service.

Game Publishing SAS offers games on the Internet via a platform (referred to as “CANASTA.COM” in the remainder of this document), as well as related services. The users of CANASTA.COM as well as the participants in the games and services are in this document referred to as “users”. First, you need to register to take part in the games or be able to use our services. To do this, you must have an account on the aforementioned platform and authorize the CANASTA.COM application. After successfully registering your account, you will be granted access to a free standard version of the game. The playing time of this standard version is not limited.

ARTICLE 2: Acceptance of conditions.

In order to benefit from the functionality of online games, you must have a user account on the aforementioned platform and authorize the CANASTA.COM application. In this case, authorizing the CANASTA.COM application constitutes creation of a user account. You thus give permission to Game Publishing SAS to have access to your user information, to send you electronic messages, but also to publish messages on your personal space. You remain free at any time to modify the content of the personal data communicated on this occasion. Access to your account is made by entering your username or e-mail and associated password on the facebook.com site or not, the confidentiality of which you alone ensure. The use of online games following your registration is valid for an indefinite period. We reserve the right to terminate it at any time. In the event of non-compliance with the obligations inherent to your liability above, access to the games may be, immediately and without notice, temporarily or permanently by means of the deactivation of your account, without prejudice to our others. rights.

ARTICLE 3: Capacity.

Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to register on CANASTA.COM. If you are under 13, please do not use or access CANASTA.COM in any way. If you are a parent or the legal representative of a child under 13 who has registered on CANASTA.COM, please send us an e-mail with the information necessary to cancel the registration of the child. In this email, please include your full name and address, the child's full name and address, the nature of your relationship with the child, your daytime and evening phone numbers, your email address and a signed certificate indicating that you are a parent or legal representative. Game Publishing SAS reserves the right to seek additional information in order to verify your identity and the nature of your relationship with the child. This information will only be used for the purpose of verifying that you are indeed a parent or legal representative of the child.

ARTICLE 4: Purchase of credits and price of services

Purchase of credits and price of services These General Terms and Conditions of Use define the terms and conditions for the provision of the described service concluded between Game Publishing SAS and the user, and any related annexes. The purpose of this article is to define the technical and financial conditions under which Game Publishing SAS engages with the user.

In the service, you can purchase virtual currency "Facebook credits" for use of the Facebook application or "token credits" for use of online games, for use of the game on CANASTA.COM. All purchases and redemptions of THIRD PARTY VIRTUAL CURRENCY ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you buy on Facebook, itunes or Android credits, you accept the payment terms of Facebook, Apple or Google and Game Publishing SAS is not a party to the transaction and therefore cannot be held responsible.

If you purchase tokens for the CANASTA.COM game, you agree to these terms of use.

Due to the electronic nature of transactions, the prices indicated for Virtual and Physical Products are inclusive of all taxes (T.T.C) and regardless of the territory in